Thursday, 22 January 2009

Jobs, what jobs?

I was in the job center today and a young girl was having her review, she was a single mum with small kids, she was asked if she was looking for work, and she replied no, the Job center assistant asked why not?
To which the young mum replied.

I have young babies, I am on my own, I have no family, and am not prepared to leave my kids on there own, I want to bring my kids up.
The assistant said well you look for work or it will be difficult for you.

The young girl exploded and said I thought being a mum was a job, and I didn't have to look for work.

The assistant said know you don't and we don't have to pay you full amount either which I shall put down on your records, you either tell me now your looking for work, or you will lose£20 in benefits a week. And also watch your attitude, and how you speak to me, ok?

The young girl slumped her head in defeat and nodded.

WTF is going on with this country now, I thought Labour wanted good old fashion family values put back into Britain, is this how Labour does it? By destroying our people from the beginning, you government fat cats sit there, with the credit crunch not bothering you, bringing in ethnics into our country, filling your fat face and giving yourself extortion bonus's off our backs, sending your kids to the best schools, filling your fat bellies why our kids are lacking in education, and starving with poor clothes.

Hang your heads in shame.

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