Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Multi culturism does work

We are told constantly, by the government that Multiculturalism does work, and to prove it the government constantly piles the ethnics in to our country, forcing there cultures on us, we must accept there culture, yet they don't have to accept ours, a lot of things that is our heritage is offensive to them, so of course to make them feel better we must change to suit there needs, all the time we must say nothing as it is deemed as offensive.

Our culture and heritage is dying to make way for these people, the ethnics, so who is to blame, the ethnics? I say no, there behaving how they have for thousands of years, is it our fault? No we are behaving according to the government, who sets our rules of a basic standard of living.

So who's fault is Britain dying, IT'S THE GOVERNMENTS, they know what will happen if to many ethnics are here, they have had experience since the last 60years, ok so why do it? Greed, and control, the country with the ethnics attacking us makes us weak, and the job situation giving them priority demeans our economy, making cheap and easy labour, destroys our will, destroys our economy, makes us weak inside so no fight, full control by the Government in keeping us down.

But why would the government want to control us and do this to there own people?

Because its not the British people who is in control of our country, its Zionist bastards that select presidents/prime ministers there not elected, as one may think, powerful people run the world, and they control everything, from banks, to the media, to even wars.

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