Saturday, 24 January 2009


Saturday March 22nd - Bishop Auckland A dozen WNP members and supporters met in the Bishop Auckland town centre on Saturday March 22nd and distributed a very good number of leaflets including 'Free Tony White' ones and a good response from the public was received.
A short distance from the WNP leafletting team stood a motley crew of Marxists trying to sell their turgid newspapers. As usual they were shunned by the ordinary British shoppers. After a quiet word in their ears from one of our members they packed their bags and left.
The people that stopped to chat expressed their concern about the flood of 'asylum seekers' that are starting to be housed in the area.
Over the next few weeks more activities are planned in the area over the next few weeks. Already the district has been plastered with WNP stickers and over 500 posters calling for the death penalty for paedophiles (below) have been pasted up. A local contact number has now been established: 07931646804
Mark Galpin, NE WNP Regional Organiser

MMMMMMM White lies was done in the 90's, this was 2003, Kev new about Tony then, Kev run WNP, so why did he allow the WNP to support Tony, I mean Kev Watmough according to him as always known Tony was a grass yet still supported him.

So this means either, Kev is a liar and never hated Tony.
Or he really didn't support Tony, and tried to cause trouble,

I say that Kev is a liar, and a coward, and he is jumping on the Kate band wagan.

TONY is a victim to malicious lies and muck spreading

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