Friday, 23 January 2009


This is on white lies blog,

Me and Kate debating..Kate is the colour red, I think its a appropriate colour for Kate the state

Mike - this is NOT a blog created for you to air your nonsensical views.

First of Kate, Leeds was mentioned so I felt it was relevant for that, and what I said isn't nonsensical, you know dam well what I say is true, you talk about Tony being a grass, when you are one yourself threatening to grass me up to the police,

2nd, this section is for White supporters airing there views, which I am, and am doing.

You have your own forum for that so please stick to posting there instead of here. The accusations made against you by totally independent people who are absolutely nothing to do with me,

Really? You yourself have made accusations against me as has your good bf.

ES, KW or the BPP - the likes of Joe Owens has stated his opinion of you and others, end of story.

No it isn't end of story, and to be honest they can say what they like about me, but they have to expect critizism back, and as for Owens, thats if it is really him, he only know of me what he has been told, not what he really knows, so I wonder who told him what hey Kate?

If we feel it is appropriate we will begin a blog to highlight our concerns about YOU or anyone else that we may at any time feel is a wrong un.

And like I said I have the right to defend myself, against anyone who cares to say such slander towards me, which is what you and others are doing, you say things with no proof Kate, then moan when I defend myself.

However, at this moment in time this is a blog which will only concentrate on Tony White and Alan Newark until we post otherwise.

Oh really? Ok mein Furher,

Pino (as has been stated here already by ES) was the one who could not keep his trap shut - if this is not the case then why did all of his posts slating me and the demo disappear rapidly from your forum?

Excuse me? Pino responded and started on you because you took the piss because he lost a fight when your own gutless mr 30 yrs in the movement Kev wouldn't have been in that situation, as he always shits out, he's known for it, and I deleted some comments off our forum, cos ATKI asked me to keep it off the net,


You've buried your head about White and it will come back to haunt you.

No I just don't believe you Kate, and I can't see any real evidence.


Tony White tricked all of you into believing a folder was left at his house which stated you'd get sent down for three years if you went to the demo, so you decided not to go. You know as well as we do that he lied about this folder. You're not bright or astute enough to work out what the rest of the movement knows

No Kate I just don't believe you, the rest of the movement? You mean you and your cronies that believe anything you see? There not the rest of the movement, and I tell you now that a lot of people high up believe Tony, put up the proof, or shut up.

- White is a liar and a grass and as you did not have admin access to the Guestbook you can no way say that White was not posting as Che. I did and I CAN assure you Che was connected to White - simple ip checks and recognition software detected it within seconds. White also was caught red (excuse the pun) handed passing on information about me. Only he had been told it and it was purposely fed to him to test him and TWICE it ended up on Indymedia within twelve hours. Nobody else on earth knew that info - therefore it HAD to be him. He relayed it in a lot of detail too.

You could be right, you could be wrong, only White can answer that, but if thats the case why do you still talk to him? mmm you see Kate I don't believe anything you say, do you know why? BECAUSE YOUR NOT KNOWN AS kate the state for nothing, there is just as much stuff about you as there is about Tony, so who do we believe,mmm not you thats for sure, you lied about Tony to me cos you hate him so much, like that bollox about Leeds remember? Concerning me and Antifa?


White is a grass - wake up. All we want to see is all the paperwork from this alleged raid AND from his last arrest when he received a custodial sentence. We want to see the folder which said members of the RVF and BFF would be sent down for three years

Well to be honest Kate, it doesn't mater what you want, because he doesn't have to proove nothing to you, there was no folder saying that Kate.

- this was stated to ES, KW, KD and despite you denying it he said it to you too Mike because someone sat with you at the time confirmed it. Let's see White prove his innocence and you stop covering for his lies. Simple.

Really? Can you tell me who was there that day, and who sat with me? The was a folder there proving the police had been, not proving we would get 3yrs, and I have more news for you, it wasn't just White who said it. Quiet a few people advised us about it, and said it was a bad idea, I asked you to change the date, because me and Foxy and you fucked up, by getting to much net police attention, something I have learned not to do again with the reds, when I explained the situation you told me on the phone you agreed with me, even on our forum you said you hold no grudges, then mouthed off on the net about us, well Kev did, yet said nothing about the RVF, mmm.

In the mean time, no more of your comments (unless they concern White) will be approved on here.

Well if you don't approve my post fuck ya I wont come back on here again Kate the state.

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