Saturday, 26 September 2009

Tv Licence fee payout to Muslims

This article was printed by Cov BNP an came on a flyer that they send out with the VoF, thought i would share it with you

The BBC has recently paid £45,000 in damages to the Muslim Council Of Britian. On a recent Question Time programme that went out on the 12th March a member of the audience asked the panel 'Should these prorestors we saw last week when the royal Anglia Regiment came to Luton be banned?'
It was a reference to protests organised by a group of muslims targetting the British troops. Answering from the panel was former Daily Telegraph editor Charles Moore who upset the MCB by suggesting that despite having been asked on many times to condemn the kidnapping & killing of British soldiers, the MCB had failed to do & so implicity condoned such acts.
He further suggested that the leadership of the MCB believes the kidnapping & killing of British soldiers to be a good Islamic thing. These comments upset the sensitive souls in the MCB & the BBC made a grovelling unreservedly apology to the MCB & also gave them £45,000 of licence payers money as compersation.
Why the BBC did this beggers belief as Charles Moore is not a BBC employee & was on the panel to answer questions & express his views which is, i thought a characteristic of British freedom of speech & freedom of expression.
Incendentally the £45,000 damages will go to charity a Muslim spokesman said, No prizes for guessing what sort of charity

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