Wednesday, 9 September 2009

The crazy left



Birmingham's planning supremo Peter Douglas Osborne was one of the few elected representatives to brave the mob in the city centre last Saturday - and was promptly mistaken for being a BNP councillor.

Douglas Osborne - who is, of course, a veteran Conservative councillor - was observing the English Defence League demo and attempted to break up a fight between two of their supporters and a couple of SWP members (or "Trots" as he prefers to call them).

He was promptly surrounded by a baying mob, who accused him of being a member of the far-right party.

"The Trots were trying to tease anybody they could," he recalls.

"Any time they got anybody antagonised the police would step in, but there was very definitely a tribal aspect to it. Anybody who wasn't one of them was fair game.

"I stopped four people fighting and the leader of the Trots came over, and the others followed.

"I was always told to turn the other cheek - what they didn't tell me was that I'd get a bash on the ear" he joked.

Although Douglas Osborne actually emerged unscathed from his ordeal, it's a tribute to his courage - and interest in his city - that he bothered to turn up on Saturday; a dedication to duty his own party leader might do well to take note of.

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