Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Left wing vermin, from EDL

Left Wing Vermin
Even though they can see we have a lot of black members, brainwashed muppets from various left wing groups continue to pester us, and incite Muslim youth to attack us.

Strange how left wingers are so fiercely protective of Muslim extremists, when a bit of research into radical Islam reveals that

1. Gays would be put to death in an Islamic state

2. Women are treated like shit, in Sharia law a womans word in court is only worth half that of a man, so feminism would be a thing of the past, and segregation is a regular occurence at gatherings.

3. They hate Jews with a vengeance, and think Hitler was a great man

4. The Christians are classed as "lower than beasts"

5. Animal rights go out the window where Halal is concerned

For all the above reasons, you would expect left wingers to be fiercely against attempts to make Britain an Islamic state, an intention clearly stated on Choudreys website Islam4uk.

Instead they declare themselves the enemy of all British people who dare to protest about Militant Islam.

Its clear from pics of our supporters on lefty websites that scum photographers are attending our marches, with the express intention of taking photos they hope will incriminate or badly portray our members, and hopefully catch right wingers who have tagged along on some to make us look racist. For this reason, anyone taking photos or filming our members, unless we have invited them, SHOULD BE TREATED AS A HOSTILE.

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  1. The left wong scum are really retarded I swear, a bunch of retarded muppets,


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