Friday, 4 September 2009

The Lovable Jew in America

Divide and Conquer - The Rothschilds' Gypsy Strategy"Apart from Freemasons, and other agents of imperialism, theRothschilds use their fellow Jews to realize their world governmenttyranny. And when anti-Semitism results, as it has in Hungary, theirstrategy is to manufacture an enemy to combat the "anti-Semites", inother words, divide-and-conquer." More at link: And, another decent Jew working against the machinations of theZionist Devils, Norman G. Finkelstein: Exposing Zionist 'History''Given the nonsense that is turned out daily by the Holocaustindustry, the wonder is that there are so few skeptics'. More atlink: MULTICULTURALISM: AMERICA’S ULTIMATE DILEMMA“Blacks commit 82 percent of the shootings in New York City.”"multiculturalism will become the ultimate disintegration of America."More at link: The Nexus Of Evil - Pt 7 - A Pre-emptive Strike On Humanity"this `Nexus Of Evil,` in the service of the very darkest offorces...built a global control grid around all our lives, and how, byits hegemony over money, politics, religion, the media, big business,and education, it has subverted culture, rewritten history, falsifiedscience, and manipulated and coerced humanity to the very precipice ofdisaster." More at link: And, speaking of a pre-emptive strike on humanity..... Preemptive Arrests"The city has admitted that people were arrested preemptively in thispark," "They arrested them because they were afraid of what they mightdo in the future,..what it means is that the government now believesthat they can come to our houses and arrest us because they think thatwe might do something wrong." More at link:

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