Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Obama part of the Jewish plan?

Want to hear and see the truth you are denied from any mainstreammedia sites? Watch "Obama: Rothschild´s Choice" - the Trailer. by TexeMarrs. Also watch "The Obama Deception" by Alex Jones. Was SenatorMcCarthy right about a Communist conspiracy in America? Of course hewas! And, who is behind it? That´s right, you guessed it - JEWS! Thesame people who are claiming to have put Comrade Obama into power -Zionist JEWS! See pictures from the 9/12 protest against Obama and theUS Zionist-controlled Gov´t! at Free Republic. And, last but notleast, the Ukraine has denied Elton John permission to adopt a babyboy. Gee, I wonder why Sodomite homosexuals always want to adopt boysand never girls? And, why doesn´t anyone question this and their motives? "Political Correctness" has put a mind clamp on the majorityof people, that´s why! And, where was PC mindcontrol first applied?Soviet Russia under the Jewish Bolshevik Revolution that allowedSatanic Jews to kill 20 million Russians and Ukranians.

So does America effect britain? of course it does, what effects them will in turn effect us, the warning signs are there.

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