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Lest anyone doubt the communist leanings of President Barack Obama, look no
further than to his decision to hoist the Red Chinese flag (for the first
time in history) over the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, D.C.,
on Sunday, September 20.

According to China Daily, "Chinese associations in the United States had
applied to hold a ceremony in front of the US President's residence to
celebrate the 60th anniversary of the founding of PRC [People's Republic of
China] . . .

"More than 1,000 people will attend the ceremony and the performances held
after it, according to Zhao Luqun, who will direct the performances.

"Zhao said the performances will demonstrate the friendship, magnanimous
spirit and kindness of modern Chinese people."

Trying to find words to describe the extreme offensiveness of flying the
Communist Chinese flag over the White House challenges my vocabulary. Words
come to mind. Maybe Obama really is the Manchurian Candidate.

Remember, the communist leaders of Mao's China are not called the "Butchers
of Beijing" for nothing. Since seizing power in 1949, it is estimated that
the communist government in China has murdered more than 50 million people
(some reports say the number is over 70 million). As many as 3 million were
killed in Mao's initial revolution.

The historical record of Mao's murderous march to power staggers the
imagination. According to Chinese historian Jung Chang, from 1958-1961, 38
million Chinese people were starved or worked to death, and 27 million died
in Laogai death camps through 1976. The Weekly Standard quotes Chinese
freedom fighter Harry Wu as saying that 15 million died in China's labor
camps through 1997. According to Agence France Presse, as many as 5 million
were killed in rural purges from 1946-1949, and 1 million were killed in
urban purges through 1957.

Then there is Tiananmen Square in 1989, when the Communist Chinese army
murdered more than 2,000 college students. The number first reported by
Chinese officials was 2,600, but then was quickly retracted. Early American
estimates put the number at more than 3,000. The true number of deaths will
likely never be known.

But let's bring the discussion closer to home. Does the name Chosin
Reservoir mean anything to anyone? Obviously, the name doesn't mean anything
to President Barack Obama. However, that name means much to the tens of
thousands of American families who lost husbands, sons, and fathers there.

By mid-1950, the Korean conflict was all but over. U.S. Army and Marine
forces had handily defeated the North Korean army. It looked realistic that
our fighting men would be home by Christmas. But from October of that year,
more than 60,000 communist troops from China crossed the border into North
Korea. During the next two months, the invading communist forces killed more
than 4,000 American troops. Of course, China's involvement in the conflict
ensured a long, protracted war that resulted in the deaths of more than
50,000 brave Americans. And, of course, don't forget that Communist China
also helped the Communist North Vietnamese kill more than 50,000 U.S.
soldiers and Marines.

Now President Barack Obama is going to hoist the Communist Chinese flag
above the White House to "celebrate the 60th anniversary of the founding of

This is the same PRC that murdered 50-70 million of its own people. This is
the same PRC that murdered thousands of Chinese students at Tiananmen
Square. This is the same PRC that sent tens of thousands of troops to kill
American soldiers and Marines in North Korea and Vietnam. This is the same
PRC that yet today persecutes, imprisons, tortures, and kills Christians,
Buddhists, and other people of faith. This is the PRC that still operates
torture chambers, labor camps, and death squads. This is the same PRC that
demands that Chinese families have no more than one child: meaning death to
children where there is already a sibling present in the home. This is the
same PRC that Obama wants to "celebrate" by flying its flag above the White


Why is the mainstream press not all over this story? Where is the outrage by
veterans' organizations (especially Korean War veterans)? Where is the
national VFW? Where is the American Legion? Where is John Murtha? Where is
John Kerry? Where is John McCain?

Perhaps one blogger summed it up the best. He said, "It can now be
official--leave the [Chinese] flag there." His point is well taken.

China already owns more U.S. debt than any other entity. America's
politicians from both parties have superintended over the outsourcing of
manufacturing jobs and factories to (mostly) China. America's business elite
at the Chamber of Commerce has willingly traded U.S. business interests to
China at unprecedented and dangerous levels. Major banking institutions have
enthusiastically orchestrated the commercial and financial buildup of
Communist China. America's military and political leadership have even
helped augment Red China's military apparatus.

"Made in China" labels appear on almost everything we buy today; perhaps it
is appropriate that the Red flag flies over the White House. While we're at
it, let's hoist the Red flag over the newsrooms of many of America's
newspapers; the headquarters of ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN; most of the
political science classrooms at America's major colleges and universities;
many of our mainline "Christian" denominations; the boardrooms of many major
U.S. corporations; and also over many of the smoke-filled parlors of Big
Labor. In the end, they all seem to be colored a pale shade of red these

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