Saturday, 26 September 2009

Antifa challenge EDL

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Sent: 22 September 2009 01:31:07

All this liberal campaigning its giving me the wick.

We're sick of the scum from the upper classes the Glazers, the Al-Nahyans and now come their best friends.... you Nazi scumbags to make it even mor pitiful on a Saturday.

We would have loved an open dust up but it looks like you lot might get barred with Whore Office support. How fucking handy.

If so, why not arrange a proper dust-up on the day?

Away from the screws.

Bare hands, no tools.

If you're up for it the tme and place can be arranged.

Antifa Aktivist (
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Sent: 22 September 2009 09:16:30
To: Joe Cardiff (

Don't kid me you're not BNP.

Like I said before away from the pigs.

No tools.
No cameras.

Just your numbers and our numbers unannounced before the match, if you don't get banned.

Away from the pigs and the cameras, just pure ideological battle.

If you get banned we can still go ahead and have our dust up before the match.

No tools.

Soooooo lets get this right, EDL, only go to cause trouble, yet there, there with permission, the innocent reds do no wrong yet behind closed doors we see the real scum which is kept away from the public, me personally I would be well up for it buttt... We all know Mancs is camered up to death, I personally also believe that this is a trap, no one will agree to such child like terms, but we will be there at Mancs, and WE WILL NOT CAUSE TROUBLE, but we will also not be a free punching bag FOR ANYONE. And if anyone goes to attack me I will use minimum force necassary to defend myself in the eyes of the law.

This is a perfect legal demo, we are doing nothing wrong, the red scum is obviously planning a illegal attack so there breaking the law.

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  1. Well are we Suprised Noooooooo
    As you say mate, This has got "Trap" written all over it,,no tools who on earth is going to take any notice of that; Not Antifa thats for sure!
    also email addy shown is linked to Cardiff,s "Soul Crew", very dodgy.


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