Thursday, 26 March 2009


Does unity really work, or is it a pipe dream.

I personally believe there is to many dickheads in our society for this to happen, the pettiness is obvious to everyone, the fall outs is laughable, in fact I could write a few down that would make a best seller.
I personally believe that Unity doesn't work, the BFF for example like there own independence, all though we work with other groups, and there is unity with a couple,they have to be our way of thinking or it just won't work.


You have to trust the people your with or it just wont work, thats obvious, some dispicable individuals have proven this


wHAT IS A ORG WITH OUT HONOUR, there has been loads of cowardly actions by certain groups and orgs that have proven there anything but honorable


Is it me or is this a thing of the past, us the reds, there just seems to be no loyalty any more, thats why except for a few people that have proven themselves, I trust the BFF, i HAVE THERE loyalty, and they defo have mine..


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