Saturday, 14 March 2009

Midland BFF do it again

I helped the local bnp leaflet cannock town center this morning,we must have got through about 1000 leaflets with a very good reception,indeed 3 lots of lads came up to us for leaflets to take around the local pubs lol,four people wanted to join in 2 hours.
But all did not go well,we were handing leaflets in the "in shops "covered walkway when a black security officer came up to us to ask us to leave lol,we explained that we were exercising our democratic rights, his 2 paki sidekicks hid round a corner keeping out of sight lol.So being in a democratic mood i walked up to them and offered them a leaflet,but for some reason they didnt want one!!!well they ended up calling the head of security to talk to us who said we needed written permission,so being the friendly type we moved the 6 foot to public right of way and carryed on much to the annoyance of the security monkeys.A very good day.

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