Monday, 30 March 2009

Kate the state?

I don't know how much of this is true, but I copied this from a forum, weather its Kate or a wind up who knows ?

But tell me what you think??

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Default Valkyrie - From the secret blog of Kate The State
29th March 2009

The other weekend I had to miss what would have been an absolutely corking BPP meeting in London because of ZOG. I was detained for 12 whole hours, without so much as a Kentucky Bargain Bucket passing my lips! I haven't been so hungry since the last time my jaws were wired shut. ZOG have really turned vicious. They even searched our homes, and there hasn't even been a BPP terrorist arrested this month. I told them "If you want Racial Holy War, I'll give you Racial Holy War!" But they weren't prepared to provide security. Kev says he has a mate who knows a couple of unemployed bouncers over Bradford way, so I might ask them instead.

Kev was so tired after our terrible ordeal at the hands of ZOG I had to carry him into the house. He is a true White Nationalist like myself. He stood proud and tall, well he was standing on a box and had been at his 'sticky friend', as he calls his glue-bag.

I shall be writing to every MP in the country about the appalling nightmare we were subjected to. I will organise petitions and demos. Every White Nationalist tempered in the furnace of ZOG oppression will harken to my cause, those who clamped Frank Walsh's shopping trolley will pay dearly for their crimes.

Sitting in the cells I felt an instinctive bond between myself and Rudolf Hess, a prisoner like myself, suffering in silence (apart from the odd belly rumble of course.) Proud and true like the fallen stormtroopers at Stalingrad, like the bold footsoldiers at Agincourt. I have been tested, but will never surrender. There will come a time when I, Kate State will assume power, when the many who have mocked and jeered will pay for their crimes, the BPP will march to victory with me as their leader (Oops! Sorry Kev, got a bit carried away there mein fuhrer.)

Well, I must get off, as an eminent White Nationalist, with my many roles within the BPP, not least running an entire Women's Division, I have some important telephone calls to make, and Dial-A-Pizza shut at midnight.


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Default My Struggle - from the secret diary of Little Kev
My boyfriend, Little Kev, has asked me to post this up:

30th March 2009

The day dawns late in the W------- household. Not that I'm a lazy, useless bastard as some say, but Kate does tend to obscure the light. Then I have to queue for the bathroom while she shaves. Breakfast is taken at a leisurely pace though, all 5 servings. After that I need something to cut through all the grease and fat (I'm talking about my fry-up not Kate) and what better than a nice jar of Evo-Stik?

I haven't worked in decades, I mean who'd have me? Still there's always plenty of work to do for The Cause. I have my fingers in a lot of pies, not quite as many as Kate, but I get my share. Today I'm updating 'Redwatch', so I just do an image searrch on Google. Type in 'Red Bastards' or somesuch, you're sure to get something for the site.

Unlike a lot of neo-Nazis, I don't spend my day posting on the internet, the mods at 'Stormfront' have seen to that, not to mention that useless sod Simon Shepperd forgetting to pay the bill for my C18 forum. That's Combat 18 by the way. I'm their leader. You'll have heard all about us thanks to 'Searchlight' I'm sure.

Kate says she's off on one of her famous shopping trips as she puts it. It's amazing how she can find a Socialist Worker paper-seller, 3 Pakistanis, and a single-mother to abuse, all without leaving the couch. She really ought to get out more. We have to be careful though, with all those people after us, that and the fact the doors need widening. Better to just make stuff up on your blog I tell her.

Nearly dinner-time, so I'm off down to Mozza's for a jar of curry paste. Should be back in time for 'Ready, Steady, Cook' hopefully, you never know who'll be on...
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  1. hahahahahaha pure class, whoever wrote it well done i aint laughed so much in ages. 10 outta 10 ;-)


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