Friday, 13 March 2009

Priest got 14yrs for Pedophillia

A roman catholic priest has drugged and raped 140 children whilst in care of the crown law.Aprox age was up to 14yr old, 7 years later they have received no compensation, yet solicitors so far have been paid 2.6million pounds of the tax payers money.

This happened at St Williams care home, just outside York,MARKET WERGHTON, the priest in charge was called Brother James who belongs to the Dalasalle order. This was also connected to the Middlesborough Diocese, who was also working in a government think tank with children.

Before this Brother James also received a high reward from the pope him self for his work with children. For his pedophilia crime Brother James received 14years sentence.

That's about 1 months per child, anybody else would never get out, and receive literally a life sentence.

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