Sunday, 22 March 2009

Kriss Donald, Scotland meet

Well what a fantastic day for unity and true respect, first off let me say a big thank you to.

Scotland 1st

We arrived in Glasgow about 10am, met up with everyone else of the above, went to the place were poor Kris died, we paid our respects, and had a 1 min silence, Ste gave a fantastic speech, later moving on to our little social, well what a real show of unity from some great groups and orgs.

Later on went for a drink met some great lads. Everyone got on well, and was made most welcome, we saw some great sites, and paid our respect to were young Kris was kidnapped, saw some old faces and met some knew ones and will be going again.


  1. A very fitting tribute to Kriss, Low key an respectfull to all his family, just letting the scum know we havent forgiven or forgotten.
    Hearing what happened to the lad whilst stood on the soil where he was murdered was heart breaking.
    R.I.P.Kriss forever in my heart never to grow old


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