Tuesday, 10 February 2009

More BPP suspicions

Well well well, so Tony has never been sent down for the cause?, mmmm I wonder what this is all about then, also if Tony has always been a wrong un, then why in may 2003, did Kev go out on a protest in support of Tony, mmm a picture says a thousand words, and this says Kev tells lies.


  1. well well well indeed.a case of double double standards springs to mind here.with wankmough being a seasoned nationalist surely he would have known of white lies written many years before.this puts in doubt there attempt to slate him now with there new campaign white lies.as i suspected in the beginning it,s a smoke screen they had the hump the three stooges after a failed attempt to bring tony into the rank and file.funny how things are turning around.have you seen the peter rushton expose.very damning indeed.

  2. i notice how happy the bpp looked in the top picture.they had unity then and now look at them since the arrival one year ago of someone by the name of kate.funny how things turn out one wrong un like her a good party gets ruined.

    hopefully they will wake up to it and proscribe her fully and then the bpp can move on and become a serious political party once more.

  3. If Tony is a bad un, as accussed by the Bpp lot, and they always known it, then why was Kev fighting for his freedom when he was sent down??

    That either means..

    1, Tony is a bad un, but Kev is a rat, as he is shouting for a bad un to be released from Prison.

    2, Or Tony isn't a bad un after all, and its jealousy , or shit stirring thats wrong here.

  4. We'venot seen these photos for some time. This was when the BPP were the WHITE NATIONALIST PARTY (WNP) and what a day it was.

    2003 in Pudsey and we all got together to support Tony White who was in prison for the cause (again). The only real let down of the day was Eddy Morrison pissed as a fart and dribbling as he drank yet another can of Carlsberg Special Brew but lots of leaflets were handed out and alot of support from the locals despite that.

    The Covert Team have never seen any evidence whatsoever of anything negative from Tony nor had reason to suspect anything. Infact we have met up with Tony on several occasions at various activities and never had a problem.

    Later today we are running an article on the 'Real' NF because there seems to be some confusion because some fucktard simpleton from Hull and ex-BNP member Nick Walsh (Another Day on Stormfront) seems to have it in his mind that he and that Cooper fella are the way forward (yes we laughed at it as well). We've also seen Walshs derogatory comments about Tony. Walsh is a fucking no-mark and his credability is less than zero so later on maybe someone would like to come to the Covert Blog and set the record straight with regards to the NF and the pretend version that Walsh is trying to attach himself to.



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