Friday, 13 February 2009



The group I originally started.

Now I'm not gonna start slating of my old org, but it has come to my attention that apparently I am being slated on there, I wasn't aware it was still going to be honest.

Ok there is a unsavory character there called Sweany that has put police informer at the side of my name, also referred to me as a traitor?

Ok How am I a traitor?

2, How am I a police informer?

These questions backed up wit proof need answering, so stop this bollox, it's getting none productive, take this shit down, or put up your proof.

It really is boring when certain individuals like to settle old scores through the net.
The ASF was only actually active through me, because it was only me and a few of my lot that did anything,

Sweany thought of the name, and made up the forum, wow the reds must be shaking in there boots, lol, mean while until he takes that lying post c down I will put up my evidence of Sweany being a undesirable. With screen shots

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