Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Cowardly Kev


Video proof of the 30yr activist coward.


  1. well old wank mouth ran off like the yellow bellied coward he is.well done to the whites for showing some balls.

  2. Yes some of us saw what happened whn you fucked off and while we are on the subject remember when you(kevin)got your mates face smashed in at a pub in bromley in Leeds with your big mouth then while others stood and fought with garden tools you stood crying next to an ambulance.The stuff we got up to in leeds and remember what happened last time tony got sent down where the fuck was you when revenge was taken on them reds.You are the fuckin traitor.

  3. Some of us remember what happened in Leeds and the cowardice too, while we are on about cowardice kevin tell everyone what you did in bromley in leeds when you got your mates face smashed in at that pub then stood cryin next to an ambulance as others fought with garden tools for your actions.Theres more if anyone wants to hear this but its all fucking stupid this grassin each other. reds are pissin themselves kev you showed your true colors to many many times.when tony got locked up last time and a bit of revenge was dished out where were you but you happily gloated about it on the net stick to typin tales and singin to the old bill.


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