Tuesday, 10 February 2009


we decided to go to a OI gig, in Manchester, when we got to the venue, there was shitty grungy punks fucking every were, we went in and every were it was just mainly punks.

We went to another part of the pub and chilled, as we was walking up the stairs, a punk drummer recognized me and glared, I paid the compliment back, and stopped and glared back, he nodded and walked off, we was back to normality, after a while we decided to go back to the gig, fuck me, there was a atmosphere, as we was walking down the stairs, 2 punks passed us, the female was glaring at chubs ANGLO SAXON T SHIRT. The punk got 6 stairs up and shouted NAZI BASTARD! To which I replied in my usual talent, FUCK OFF!

When we sat down, there was about 20 punks with anti Nazi signs, and about 10 sharps, and all the pub was glaring at us, a big lad walked up to our youth and started talking to him, I was watching and walked up close but it was nothing, then 5 mins later the Sharp approached CHUBS, he looked like he was getting a bit louder complaining about Chubs T shirt, I intervened, then we had words, all his mates was watching me, he was even bigger than me, big cunt.

All he wanted to do was talk though and said he didn't want trouble, then I nearly fainted when he said he was only 16, JESUS CHRIST.

We seemed to be left alone, then end of the night we left, we was watched every move we made to the exit, and there was a gang outside eyeing us up, OH SHIT were dead I whispered lol.

They just turned away, after a problem getting out the car park, Chubs went to pay for her ticket, and there was 12 punks, from 16-40 that recognized Chubs from the gig, 2 blokes stood up, and a few said NOO LEAVE it, our Chubs didn't back down and walked straight through the lot of them.

Chubs is a fucking trooper, she has more guts than a lot of men, she was on her own vulnerable, and still stood up to the scum, who was drunk and smoking weed.

All I can say, is we went into the lefty pub, full of antifa, commies,sharps, reds, and just plain lefties, we went into there own patch, and we only left at the end, out numbered, and bigger men, this is more proof I try to lead by example.

Once again the BFF take it to the streets, and once again we back down from no one.


  1. Our Chubs is a real star, and unlike other females, has got were she is today tyhrough guts and determination, she is a little fighter


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