Saturday, 14 February 2009


Just got back from Coventry, we arrived there in plenty of time, as we spread out we had a few none known boys handing out NF stuff right out side the commie meet, we waited and waited, and they never turned up, but we was surprised we had a fantastic response from the general public, we got rid of a few hundred NF leaflets in 15mins.

We spotted a socialist venue, we let them know we was there, and gave em NF stuff, we let them know we will be back, and they fled, we was very surprised that the brave commies heard the BFF was coming and changed there venue and times, we noticed a few spotters, and they all fled,

The BFF turned up with a good crowd, and a big full respect to LONE WOLF, it was his first Midland op and we recruited a new member, It was his first organized op, as the MIDLAND organizer, we let Cov know we was here, he chased the reds out of Cov, and met up with a couple of Cov bnh boys.

Yet again the BFF go were ever they like, and we back down from know one, yet again our rep has got the reds running..

BFF street action all the way.

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