Monday, 18 May 2009

The Illuminati.

Is this idea or conspiracy fact or fiction? I personally believe it is fact, lets have alook at a few things that convince me.

1, Are we heading towards a 1 world government?

2, Do we see a lot of signs of the Illuminati in generall day to day things, the pyramid with the all seeing eye?

3, Do certain high ranking officials visit a place called bohemium grove in America, a occult meet were mock sacrifices are performed.

4, Do we see more ethnics than ever coming into our countries?

5, Do you not believe the Muslims was responsable for the 9/11-7/7 bombings, do you believe it was a government cover up?

6, Do you believe that religion is used as a weapon against us to keep us down?

7, Do you believe that the Jews have a lot of power and influence in our world?

8, Do you believe that certain bloodlines control the world?

This topic is not meant to insult any paticular race as such or religion, it is meant to be open debate, that has a lot of questions that certain people have asked and is circulated on the net.


  1. Well I have to Answer YES to all of the above,
    I had never heard of "Bohemium Grove" untill I
    read about it on a forum yesterday, after a quick Qoogle search found it, Shocking is all I can say.
    I think there is a close Connection between that,The Jews & Freemasonary.
    In my View all this fits in very well with "The Protocols" A MUST read for every NS.
    Can you point me towards any Websites where I
    can learn more about the Illuminati ?

  2. Yes but there is to many to name, go to You tube, and type in the Illuminati, and you get loads of stuff, its never ending also check out David Ikes website

  3. OK;
    Cheers mate will do just that.

  4. Please look at the site below,there is hours worth of stuff to look at.

    I think you will find it very enlightening.

    A Lot of the conspiracy stuff you find on the net is put on their by Zionists to lead you off the true trail for instance "Truth seekers" site.

    No matter what you type into google which relates to this site you will never get a link,why? because google is a Zionist run and they don't want you to find this site.

    Once you read and watch all the movies on this site,i think it will put a lot of your previous knowledge into perspective.

  5. I do agree with what you say mate to be honest but there is also stuff on the net the Zionests have no control over, which is why its been said that there looking to take internet off the general public, now what are they afraid of?
    Also a lot of what has been said on the net is starting to happen now, like the list I put above, thank you for your input though.#I will check the link out

  6. Also check out the ZEITGUST, movie at the bottom of the BFF main page

  7. Ive been looking into the "13 Familys/13 Bloodlines" and came across this web site;
    There is a vast anmount of stuff out there,
    was on YouTube for hours.
    The point about trying to Ban the Internet is a valid point, we need to research and get all the information now; while we still have the Internet.

  8. Related to all this, I Found a very good post by "Countrywide" on the main BFF Forum on the
    Pyramid Prophecy, that's well worth a read.

    Its also the post that got me interested in all this in the first place.

  9. I agree,they don't have complete control over the net,yet.But like you say they are pushing for it.
    Any time some one comes up with something new like a search engine etc. they put pressure on to the creator to sell it.

    Most people who watch tv and read the papers know nothing of what is really happening and has been happening for hundred's even thousand's of years.
    There are genuine people who are against the Zionist rule but there are also loads of people who are paid to post comments,control blogs and manipulate forums to give a biased view of the Zionist.

    If we look around we see Islam as the main threat to our freedom,way of life etc. but who is actually enticing the same people who we're having a war with into our country? the Zionists.The Muslims are being let into our country in vast numbers and receive daily negative media attention,is this done on purpose so we grow to hate the Muslims?I personally do see Islam a threat but it is only a threat because the Zionist have created it.

    Do i feel uncomfortable criticising Islam on the net?no.Do i feel uncomfortable criticising Zionist,oh yes,because i know that they will do anything to keep their secrets locked away.

    Our government have implemented a 12.5 billion pound database that views and records anything we say on the net,it homes in on key words such as Islam it also implemented to keep an eye on those criticising the Zionist?

    The guy who's web site i wrote in my previous post also say that perhaps "stormfront" and forums of the like are Zionist controlled so they can encourage hatred?

    David Ike had trouble with the gews because they believe that he is using the term "reptilians" as a metaphor for them?

    Even though i support the BNP i believe that the only party that still recognises the ruling Zionist as a threat are the NF,do you agree?
    I know that John Tyndall(R.I.P) did recognise Zionists as a threat.
    I'm gonna check out that movie now,cheers.

  10. Check out the link below,i was writing comments on Gewtube the other day about this Aussie guy who was arrested for critising Zionists.Every time some one criticised the Zionists this guy would turn it around and say i was a Nazi and i supported Islam etc and i looked to see all his comments and the guy(s) had been commenting for over 60 hrs continually,does he not sleep?
    Now Ive been told that he was a zog troll and this article in the times confirms this.

  11. Anyway back to the original question does the illuminati exist? yes and no.It is the Zionists using on of its many masks ie.Rothschilds? Zionists? Illuminati? New World Order? Masons? CIA?

    and this one:

  12. The Illiminati isn't just Jewish mate, and the Muslims are certainly a threat to us.

  13. The more I research into all this, the more Im finding, Im now taking notes, filled one notepad up allready this is a vast subject.
    Yes Islam is a huge threat, but in history its quite a "Modern" Relegion, and much based on jew ideas, just how far back in history the jews go is still for me to find out.
    I would say in Prioritys wipe out the jew, then wipe out Islam; humm we sure have got our work cut out.

  14. Ive stumbled across something else, there appears to be a secret Numbers code running through the Old Testament of the Bible, more research to do.

  15. The Illuminati goes a lot deeper than just the Jews, if you look into it deeper the worse culprits are actually the native Brits

  16. Ive just watched the whole of Zeitgeist The Movie; Most revealing indeed, OK its 2 hours long but I highley Recommend everyone to watch ALL of it; the last 20 minets is most Intreasting; And as for George Bush ..........
    I always knew 9/11 was a Inside job by the CIA.
    Very good film indeed, WATCH IT.

  17. Yes thats why I try and encourage everyone to watch it, it explains it all, I find the Religion section most interesting as well, glad you have taken a interest in it m8.

    Everyone needs to know, the muslims was NOT responsable for the Twin towers, ZOG was.

  18. The Jewish religion goes back 3,700 years and Islam goes back to the 7 century A,D.

    The global economy is controlled by the jews(see the history of the banking below:

    The jews have being expelled from load of european country and america for being greedy and trying to control the system.They were kicked out of england until oliver cromwell Let them back in,the jews financed cromwell's army so they would be allowed back in.Oliver cromwell was an M.P he could of no way afforded to fund a war against the king armies without their support.Since then they have let the jew run our economy.

    A Lot of information on 9/11 below:

    The illuminati is a smoke screen to take you of the trail,Zionism is practiced by 97% of jews but some jews are still opposed to the system.Not all Zionists are jewish many other faiths also jump aboard for financial gains.Many people are mere cattle,like us,we all pay into the zionist system and most don't even realise.

    Jewish controlled media:

    Jew bloodlines in the Monarchy:

    If we could lever power from the 1% of jews that live in Britain we could create our own monetary system,but im afraid that everyone would have to understand what is going on and stand united! fat chance,hey.

    Read below to see what the jews really think of us,in their holy book "the Talmud":

  19. Good points Philip.

    Now there is Jew in the Royal family, who are associated with the Illuminati, I don't believe the Illuminati is a smoke screen as it doesn't exactly speak high of the Jews.

    Now lets look at the kikes involved in the Illuminati, these Guys are key players.


    3 very powerfull family names,

    Now lets look at the british,


    There is more British names in the Illuminati than any other race, and there is evidence to sugest this is the case, they all have links to comminsim, secret societies, And most the Royal Family, now we ruled 3/4's of the world at one time, so we have the power, we also have given away most the countries we owned, and invited undesirable ethnics into our already populated country, now the question is why?

    Is our government that stupid they really don't know what there doing?
    Or do they know exactly what there doing, but have something more sinister in store?

    Also if you look at the G20 meets, the most powerful famiies in the world that run the world was there, and guess what mate there ethnicicy goes back to the Illuminati 13 bloodlines.

    Cooincidence? I very much doubt it.

    Every president in the Western world has connections with the Illuminati, and there recruited through Freemasonary, Communism, or some kind of Marxist, Jew liberal rubbish.

    Mate Zionism is a part of the Illuminati, its just not the be all and end all, look at the protocals, if you read that they tell you they will hide behind Liberalism, Communism, Marxism, even go into far right orgs, anything to stir the pot, and convince there right..

    The end result is.. Its not about any of the above, its all about power for the top people who I have mentioned to control the world.

    The Illuminati and the protocals have predicted a lot of stuff that has come true, infact have you seen the film ANGELS and DEMONS? Its suppose to be about the Illunimati which it isn't, and it puts the Illuminati in a good light, now why? Because to many people are getting wise to it now ..

  20. I think we could debate this subject forever mate,its certainly a complex web.

    We have a very sophisticated enemy and as you say our political parties all have enemy infiltrators,we should strive to expose these moles.

    As white nationalists Im sure you'll agree we must try to keep our own bloodlines pure,i believe that by mixing our race and culture we will lose our identity,if we lose our identity we will be easy to be manipulate and become nothing more than sheep.

    For us and many others to be debating on this subject is a move forward,the more people who realises theres sinnisters people controlling us the greated power we will have.

  21. The Illuminati is a very complex theory, it can go on for ever a little like a religion debate, hence why I put it up, I believe the interest is there.

    Race and Nation is what I'm all about brother

  22. This is indeed getting very intreasting, I can now see BFF the British link, When you first mentioned it I was a bit puzzled, but now see a clear connextion .
    I myselth think the Illuminati is fact, but im learning all the time.

  23. Going back to Part 1 of Zeitgeist The Movie.
    The Exposing of the Jesus fake and how we have all been conned & Lied to ref Religion This was a revolution to my way of thinking.
    Let me take a moment to explane:
    I started my life in Children s homes, Adopted at age 5, BUT adopted by Fundamental Christians
    who rammed there religion down my throat together with Daily Beatings until I beat them up and quit home at 15; its taken over 40 years to get all this religious shit out of my Brain. Now after watching Zeiteist I can
    safetly consign all Jew based religion to the Dustbin of History.
    Many Thanks BFF for putting This Topic & The Video on the Web.

  24. Very sorry to hear about your religious up bringing, I have no interest in any middle east religion, being Christian,Judaism or Muslim.

    I myself support Paganism, especially the Odinst side of things, it isn't a religion as such but a life style for Northern Europeans, its the white mans religion.
    You don't sit there for hourse repenting your sins, you put as little or as much into it, it's all about respecting ones self family, and mother Earth.

    I want everyone who visits the BFF blog to have at least the information there for them, even if it is a passing glimpse, you will see how ZOG, protocals and the Illuminati all ties in.

    I think everyone should have the right to certain information, but certain people high up in the world don't want you to have this.

    The BFF will try and get as much info out there as we can, as its something I been looking at for over a year now, maybe pass it on to the WP? eVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW, no matter what past feelings are this is bigger than that.

    ASo have fun listen to the cool juke box with my favourate music, and take in what you feel you need.

  25. Well thank You BFF for your kind words; If you Dont mind I will Link back to this topic & Video
    from My Blog & WP, As ive not been able to download the Video from any source, looks like Zog has removed it.
    As you say, we need Everyone to need to have access to the truth.
    Thanks again.

  26. Not a problem its upto you to get the word out for your lot now.

  27. I also have no problem if they visit this blog

  28. i've found this video about 7/7,thought you might be interested mate.

    It shows compelling evidence suggesting it was all pre planned and as with 9/11 it was not the Muslims who committed the slaughter.

  29. Looking at the 9/11 Footage its That the towers were blown up with pre planted explosives;
    the way the building comes down is a text book demolition job; NO aircraft could cause it.
    Some time ago there was a lot of film footage on
    C18/Blood and honour, where it appears there is no film of the plane HITTING the towers,
    If it had of done where is the plane wreckage ?,Nothing was found.
    what is hard for me to get my head around is;
    The CIA/US Government did this to its own citizens in order to declare "War on Terror" so the banks [Jews] can sell weapons to all Sides for PROFIT. God I HATE Jews !!!.

  30. Its not a new thing mate its been going on since WW2, even earlier in some circumstances.WW2 was started by the Yanks Jews for exactly the same reason, war for prophet

  31. Just watched the 2nd Video, mostly about Freemasons & Devil worship [I found that bit very funny]. still very thought provoking.
    Will watch the Jordan Maxwell Video later.
    Ive also checked out the web sites given by Philip_Skippon, lots of intreast there as well,
    and have used a couple over on my Blog.
    This is one hell of a subject !.

  32. Yes the problem is anything that is bad they blame the Nazi's as they can't understand anything quiet a evil as whats going on now, when infact if they learned there history, they would realise the Illuminati is killing our race, not promoting it, which is communism.

    So folkes were living in a Communist State not a Nazi state

  33. I Posted Philip_Skippons 9/11 Link up on a Forum I post on; 3 reply s [So Far] all saying more or less the same thing, Conspiracy theory is shit; Towers were hit by Terrorist Planes.
    Oh Yer, so how come the towers came down in a Classic Text Book Demolition as used by Explosives, Not to mention Molten steel found at the base, and no sign of any plane wreckage.
    Jew TV Brain washing working overtime in my View.

  34. Also that the firemen who are experinced in this kind of thing could smell explosives, and passer bys heard explosions before the plane crash,

    And what about the Pentagon, A plane crashes in the buildin, no real wreckage, and 6ft hole in a wall? Strange indeed

  35. Why was it on t.v you only got to see one of the buildings collapse,and i might be wrong but i cant ever remember seeing the pentagon?Seeing one of the videos below you can clearly see the pentagon blow up but their is no plane?
    The questions are unanswered but people still believe the media,is it because their ignorant,dont care,stupid or scared to acknollage that the ruling elite cares more for than money than its own citizens?
    The articles below rip apart the elites version of 9/11:

    National socilism was working.Since the 1st war Germany was suppressed by all countries and not allowed to Flourish .When Hitler came to power and took back the country from the parasites it was the only country doing well,while all the other European counties and the states were in a recession

    People also pull apart the Holohoax,why would the Nazis go through so much of building gas chambers when they could have done what Eisenhower done and just starved them to death.

    Why did we and America bomb Dresden when there was no military bases there,only innocent women and children?

    The sites below show the bloodlines of world war 2 leaders,and guess what they have in common?

    After the 2nd wrld war there was a record number of billioaires made(21),all of which made the money off our peoples deaths.

    Like you say BFF they are trying to wipe us out and their doing a great job so far.

  36. Some more good links there Philip, The depth of Jew brainwashing is very bad, but as the jews own the media, Be it the Press,Radio and TV what can we expect, Ive posted the 9/11 links up on a Nationalist forum I Co-Run and even there
    members believe the Media and blast the truth.
    Im going to have to work harder to get the Truth across to them.

  37. The thing is, like me or hate me, this message has nothing to do with personal feelings, we all need to get the message out, either on the BFF blog or others, it doesn't matter, education when doe right is a wonderful thing

  38. Over the last 3 days Ive been watching the "Jordan Maxwell" video, as its 3 hours long;split it up into 3x1 hour viewing.
    again very informative, lots of information.
    I recommend every one to make the effort and watch it.
    with many thanks to BFF for making it available
    to us all.


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