Sunday, 24 May 2009

Chubs and Wiganmike in Belfast

Well Chubs and I spent the weekend in Belfast, we was suppose to be meeting one of our comrades there, but things never work out to plan.

Not to be dissapointed we went anyway, and to be honest it was a fantastic weekend, but wasn't recieved well by the locals, out of all the Belfast people, we had 2 who spoke to us, it was also hammered with reds.

Chubs went as usual as a skinhead gal, and wasn't looked favourably by the locals, it resulted in a lot of aminosity, and I feel also put me in a position of nearly 3 fights.

We took some picts of the reds, and a video, and we hope to go back to belfast again, but next time we defo need a tour guide lol, BFF go again were they want.

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