Wednesday, 6 May 2009

And there's more


  1. Its Nice to see at least 1 Group Out there on the streets "Doing Something"; And getting Public Recognition even if it is in a bit of a "Back Handed" way; I just wish that ALL NS groups would work together 100%, Just think what we could achieve Together.
    On This occasion "Well Done to BFF".

  2. Well mate, many thanks for your kind words, but unfortunatly all round unity will not work.

    Also it wouldn't work, there is different ways of being active and different people disagree on so much thats why there is so many different orgs, I like to do things a certain way, not everyone agrees with my ways, hence why we have the BFF.

    Not everyone wants to be street active, if you like suits and nicety's, then go to the bnp, if you more for active steet groups try the BFF, or the RVF.

    If you like it another way then try the wolfpack forums, all orgs are slightly different, also with certain groups there is mis trust, and a long history of bad blood like C18 and BnH, so there is no trust there, without trust it won't work.

  3. Im sad to say, my Dream of unity between all groups, is just that a dream.
    Im a Administrator on the Wolfpack Forums,
    and at times we cant agree between ourselves, let alone with 5 or more other orgs.
    So for now Ill just try and carry on pushing Unity on my Blog.


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