Saturday, 14 November 2009

WiganMike says Hello to Wigan UAF

Found out that there was a BNP meet today about 2miles were I live so I decided to go and have a butchers, I thought it was 12, but I was wrong it started at 2, there was about 20 UAF scruffy unwashed people, with there UAF banners.

I walked past and the pub was closed, I looked at the scum with distaste, I was stopped by a policeman who wanted to know were I was going I told him I was here for the BNP, he told me it wasn't opened till 2pm, so as I walked off through the UAF, they started glaring at me so I asked them what they want, I was then called a Nazi, and all the rest and a fucking wanker.

I and he challenged me to a fight, of course being a gent, how can I refuse so I went for him, but was stopped by the cops.

Now I ask, who is the fascists, BNP have a legal meet which these dirty red scum object to, so a msg to the UAF.

Have you really got nothing better to do, this is a free country(sic) and you object to certain freedom, the person who I tried to stop me was I think Steve Hall, who I believed was responsbale in the cowardly hammer attack when the slight build BNP scouse lad was hospitalised, there was 20 brave BNP on one small bloke, the UAF are fucking cowards, at least Antifa has a lil something about em, even though they are wrong.


  1. As usual, you are alone and the cowardly uaf are too scared to take you on.

  2. I agree, the BNP is a legitimate ELECTED party and these fuckers are allowed to attack attack you verbally...but no bottle to take you on. Good on you!!!


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