Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Climate change, man made or not?

If we look back in history, Climatic change is nothing new, it has changed the world, and destroyed the way it use to be, mother nature only takes so much, but does this mean man aint to blame? Or is speeding up a natural process?

I have a few theories on this, with films like The day after Tomorrow, and the new film 2012, also the scare mongering media, is the end of the world nigh? Many times we have been told its the end of the world on such a such a date, and it hasn't happened yet, and if the end of the world is near, then why glorify it on film?

It is also a fact that the government CAN CONTROLL the weather, so if this is really hapening, then why doesn't the government do something about it?

In the 50's, I remmeber my mum teling me that the government made it public on a date that the world was to come to a end, everyone in her lil village came out, and gues what nothing happened were all still here.

70's, we was told that the world will end and become a ice age.

90's it will burn out through the sun.

Late 90's early Millienium, it will be through global warming, and has played on it ever since, except in the Millenium, it has increased its end of the world publicity.

In the 90's we was told it will be in a few 100years, then it will be sooner but not in our life time, then in 80years, now its 2012, so which is it.

Either its a scaremongering tactic to frighten us, and give us something to think about, maybe how corrupt the government really is, I no lets tell everyone were all gonna die, because if its so real, why is the government so calm about it, unless they have another agenda.

Or the worlds scientist, either are not that inteligent that they can get 100's of years out on something so important as the world being destroyed, or in reality they don't really know, or there playing upto the government.

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