Tuesday, 23 December 2008


As people who know us, we fight and strive for unity, I am asked who do I think our biggest enemy is, Jews, blacks, Pakistanis? No, I say whites.

Reason being, ok we have the commies, the reds, antifa, most are white, and there a minor threat, but our biggest threat is ourselves, so called comrades, nationalists, the infighting is amazing, I try to avoid such rubbish, until I get to the stage were I just can't ignore it.

Why is it just as we seem to be getting any were we have our own comrades to mess it up, is it jealousy? Who knows, thats why we the Bff will always promote unity, with groups,or individuals, our way of thinking,otherwise it just doesn't work


  1. Unity ?; If it was not so serious I would laugth, Two Loyal Nationalists are in Grave Troubal; but are getting Slagged of by other "So Called" Nationalist Groups.
    Some fucking Unity !.

  2. Well in my personal opinion the 2 you mention, I have slagged them off, but for putting sillyness on the net which you are aware of, I showed unity in getting word back to these 2,to take the comments down, they refused, and actually accused me and my org of stirring it and said we dont know what we are talking about.

    We showed unity in trying to help these 2, and they repayed us back by slandering us, we may not all see eye to eye, but I definately don't want to see anyone get arrested for this.

    That is the past, learn by our mistakes and lets move onto the future.

  3. Yes Fair Comment mate,
    Lets leave whats in the Past; In the Past,
    and move forward toward the goal that we all are fighting for.


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