Tuesday, 23 December 2008


Going a little more about the unity, there is certain groups out there that will not be satisfied until they see me, or the BFF downfall, they know who they are.

Some groups hide behind the 14 words, and Ns values, or Nationalist values, but wouldn't know what either of them truly was if it bit them on the ass, how can certain groups cry unity in one hand, the 14words, and shout true Nationalism, then on the other hand, flame certain groups, or people tell lies about them, and try to discredit Nationalist with every chance they get?

Oh yeah I'm a true NS, but you no such and such a body, there state, grass a coward, MI5, KGB.

Don't get me wrong if there is such a dispicable creature like this in our movement, yes hunt em out,and get rid, but have the proof first, don't say well such and such a body told me so it must be true.

But for the people that are just doing it for revenge, or out of ego's, or jealousy, do me a favour, I hope you hang your head in shame, then go and jump off a very busy motorway bridge, you muck stirring scum

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