Saturday, 16 January 2010

AC gives it the i'm just a muslim line!!!!!

Poor AC not only has his group Islam4UK been banned, hes been given more media airtime, touting he's just a muslim & he should have freedom of speach under OUR laws, wont they be the very same laws he wants outlawed, in favour of sharia? well 1 of the 28 boys has done a bit of digging & found out this info.................. "It's a long way from his days as a medical student at Southampton University, where, friends say, he drank, indulged in casual sex, smoked cannabis and even took LSD. He called himself 'Andy' and was famed for his ability to drink a pint of cider in a few seconds". with his finger on the pulse again Combatk9 has come up trumps again with another cartoon (many thanks mate keep em comming!)

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