Sunday, 6 December 2009

White Xmas gig

I would just like to say the gig was awsome, unfortunately despite recording some great stuff, and taking some great picts, m stupid USB lead isn't working proper, so I can't upload vids or photo's.

The Hellas division was brilliant, loved there band. filopatria.
And the Greeks love there Moshing.

March or Die played the best I have ever seen them, it looks like they can only get beter.

Next up was Filopatria who incidently Borrowed March or die, there drummer, and it was none stop action from then on.

Next up was the brilliant Section88, who I owe a big thanks to Mick for dedicating a song and dare I say what it's called, from there new album to the BFF, and yours truely.

Finishing off with one of my favourate bands Whitelaw.also having a song dedicated to us, my favourate, kick the reds in, and it looks at Nottingham thats exactly what happened AGAIN, lol

Jules did a fantastic job in organising the event, and also not forgetting tragicly the young 17 yr old who died, R.I.P brother..Our thoughts are with you..

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  1. Sorry I missed it, was "Doing a Bit" down in Nottingham "Whitelaw Kick the reds in" style
    Glad you all had a great night.


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