Saturday, 10 October 2009

Today in Mancs

We got to Mancs early to meet up with mates, we waited a couple of hours, and had heard from other lads that the cowardly UAF, tried to attack a pub with about 50 EDL in there, there was about 400 UAF that was so brave to attempt this. There was also a few running batles from what I hear, and the brave UAF, attacked and chased off a few EDL youth, and tried to attack them. When we eventually met up with mates the police took us the longest and out of the way to Piccadilly Gardens I have ever known. It would normally take 5mins to go from Piccadilly station to Piccadilly Gardens, this took us about half n hour. When we eventually got there, there was about 400 of us, that later was bumped upto about 500, there was probably about similiar numbers of reds, we went very vocal and got a little response back, it was backwards and forwards but the reds changed there mind in attacking us, I wonder why, then as it got on, there was a pathetic attempt in trying to break through police lines, which we ran to see what was going on, and of course to protect ourselves should they atack us, and help our comrades, I was grabbed by a cop who said don't even think about it. The reds then needed protection so the police let the dogs go which was well out of order, 1 bloke got his leg ripped over, and another got his arm ripped open, the police dogs also brought much amusement when releasing 1 dog, off the lead it atacked another police dog, and another dog attacked a policeman. The police was very heavy handed, we was moved on, and as we went round a corner loads of reds started chanting after us, so some EDL gave chase which made them run, lol. So all in all a good day, the reds never chased us off which they have bragged they would.Also when there was a great speach by one of the EDL lads but when he asked for a 2 min silence to remember our soldiers and dead in war the ignorant reds started booing and whistling, they care more about extremists than they do about our own people, SCUM


  1. Was A top day Mate, Still well "Buzzing" we did a number of Chargies to get at the red scum, but the Police State Bully Boy Filth using Wild untrained dogs beat us back,
    In my View the Police tactics go to show the World; British Police are pure scum, and the Uk IS NOW A POLICE STATE.

  2. I was shocked to see how badly trained the police dogs were.


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